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Some of the stories really get you thinking about morals—‘Washed Clean’ by Ekta. R. Garg: an interesting story which really does make you question how some people treat others. One of my particular favorites was ‘Windsong’ Kerry E. B. Black—a Fairy Tale/Fantasy that I completely didn’t want to stop reading; and the story by Jeanne ‘Born in the Sign’ is a beautiful, and entertaining story, of second chances.

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Tantalizing Tales

If you like reading short stories in a variety of genres, Elemental Tales might be your next best read. The eleven authors found a way to interpret the earth elements in unique and unusual ways.

Do you like Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mythology, or Magical Realism—you got it! Or maybe you prefer Fairy Tale/Fantasy—yep, in there. A little Slipstream or Grit Lit more your speed—in there, too! There’s even some Contemporary Fiction and Middle-grade to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The inside is just as yummy as the cover.

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Air. Earth. Fire. Metal. Water. Things we don’t think of unless forced…

Elemental Tales is a collection of creative stories about survival, consequences, loss, escape, commitment, love, mysticism and magic, where heroes encounter the very stuff the world is made of in order to save themselves, their families, and perhaps the world.

  • An expectant mother must make a difficult choice
  • A lost man sails the oceans to find himself and finds more than he expected
  • A mermaid risks all to save her people
  • A young couple is lost in an angry sea
  • An opportunist loses treasure and life in a puff of smoke
  • Sometimes you lose everything you ever wanted
  • A search for a lost expedition finds more than they could have imagined
  • A social outcast must leave home to belong A priest tries to control a boy who can predict the weather
  • A young boy learns that sink or swim, you’ve got to give life a whirl
  • A king wishes for gold and almost loses his child

Eleven authors…Multiple genres…Morgana McCabe Allan, Jeanne Felfe, Joseph Y. Roberts, Artio Murphy, Daniel Mitchell, Ferrell Rosser, Avery D. Cabot, Ekta R. Garg, Tammy Lough, Kerry E. B. Black, Deborah S. Vlick

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Available Exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited