Heaven & Hell

Most religions have a belief structure surrounding the afterlife. Raised Southern Baptist, my early beliefs were of Heaven and Hell, where the good and bad respectively, go after death. As I became an adult and ventured out into the world, I discovered that although the concepts of Heaven and Hell were common, the how of entry varied. In other words, what did it take to get into one or the other varied. I began to explore beyond religious constructs and found that I had questions. A big one was, if the how of entry could be different, perhaps the whole concept itself could also be called into question. Thus began even more examination.

What if Heaven and Hell are really about this life, while still living, and not some place in the sky (Heaven) or in fire under the ground (Hell)? I’m sure you’ve all known someone whose life is a living hell… perhaps it’s you?

What if when we die, we all become beings of Light, given an opportunity to review our lives and learn from what we did right and what we could have done better? That there is no punishment, only love?

I’ve learned that many people share my consideration, even some who are deeply religious. I would like feedback on these “what ifs?” but please do a deeper dive and not just a knee-jerk reaction based on what you believe.