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Editing Services

Every author wants their books to shine. Authors bring the words. Editors bring the polish.

Let’s start with the basics:

Editorial timing

Types of editors

Editor selection

My editorial goals and style

Types of Editors*

  • Development editors: as the name implies, this type of editor is peering deep into the entire book to help develop the content. They are looking at the story, characters, and plot, and this step may be done with an early draft. They deal with content and are also known as “substantive editor,” “structural editor,” and “content editor” and the terms may be used interchangeably.
  • Line Editors: improve the language and style of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Copyeditors: this is what most authors think of when they think of an editor. The person who fixes all their grammar and punctuation mistakes. Copyeditors do all of this and much more.
  • Proofreaders**: Once you and your editors finish, proofreading is the spit shine.

* Whether to hire an editor if you intend to submit to an agent is open for debate. However, you get one shot to impress. You want to do everything possible to ensure you do just that.

** If you’re self-publishing, this step is best done AFTER the book is formatted, but before you press publish because you want someone to double-check your running headers, chapters, layout, etc.

How to Select an Editor

Which type of editor do I need? A good editing service will help guide you. To find editors:

  • Ask your author friends who they used.
  • Look in the acknowledgements of books you’ve enjoyed.
  • Ask in author-related social media groups.

Once you find some editors:

  • Review their Website: determine what kind of services they offer.
  • Reach out for a Sample Edit. I would obtain at least three so you can compare both their work and their fee.
  • Find Fit: someone who fits your unique needs and budget.
  • Check their References. Click here to review some of my clients’ testimonials.

What I Offer

Hybrid Editor: I do not perform strictly developmental editing and I rarely provide proofreading services. My brand is copy/line editing with a deep developmental-style component all blended into one. I love new authors, but work with authors at all skill levels. Note: I do not edit horror or erotica, nor am I a good choice for scientific papers.

Sample Edit: I provide a sample edit of 1 chapter, up to 1500 words at no charge. This serves multiple purposes. It helps me evaluate whether you are indeed ready for an editor and possibly which kind, it allows me to provide a quote, and it helps you determine if we are a good match.

Quote: My quote is based on the perceived level of work required and is calculated on word count only after a sample edit. The more work, the higher the cost. If I feel you are not quite ready for an editor, I will advise you of this and refer you to some resources. In these cases, I will provide two quotes. The first is as-is, meaning you choose to do no more self-editing/rewriting. I feel it’s important to give an author the opportunity to save money if possible. I have worked with a few non-fiction authors who needed and wanted their work stripped apart and put back together in order to provide a cohesive reading experience. They were willing to pay for this service, and I included this level of work in my quote. The second is a potentially lower cost if you fix some of the repeated errors I’ve identified.

I view my role as a cross between an editor and a cheerleader. If you trust me with your work, I will treat it and you with respect. While being honest, I will offer feedback with the understanding that while authors need to develop thick skins, we may not all have our hides in place. I will never stomp on your dream.

How I Work

  • Contact me via the contact form below or via Facebook messenger at
  • After you email your chapter (up to 1500 words), I will complete the sample edit and send it back with a quote.
  • Once we decide to work together, I will provide a contract (note: I require your physical address for this purpose). The contract outlines the service provided, the agreed upon cost, and deliverable dates. I maintain an editorial calendar and will slot you for the next available opening.

I look forwarding to working with you and helping you achieve your publishing dream.

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