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“This feel good story carried me along his journey of self-discovery, life on board a sailing ship, new possibilities, and a new romance.” Joanie MacNeil, Australian Romance
Sometimes life drops your anchor…
…Sometimes it unfurls your sails.
Tom’s life is stable, predictable…set forever…
…Until it isn’t.

After Tom’s wife walks out, he rudderless. He’s lost his way.
When he journeys to Australia for a two week tall ship adventure to find himself, the last thing he expects to find is love.
Can he overcome his fears and grab this second chance, or will he allow the girl to sail off into the sunset? Buy Love at Sea and sail the high seas of love.

One cliff…
   One misstep…
      One too many reasons she shouldn’t have hiked alone…

Jen Thompson has hiked the Jack’s Fork Trails hundreds of times.
What should’ve been a quick hike takes a deadly turn.
When Jen finds herself clinging to life, her only hope is that help arrives before it’s too late.
Will they make it in time?  Buy Edge of Life today to find out.

Up and coming western author, Douglas Osgood, said, “This might be one of the most powerful stories I’ve read in the last decade. I love it.”

Nothing ten-year-old Melody has ever been told about her life is true…including her name.

After a fire destroys her home and kills her mother, she journeys to live with family she didn’t know existed.

She discovers her real identity and finds a home she hadn’t known she was missing.

Buy the short story, Summer Song, now and take a journey to heart and home.

Elemental Tales, A Multi-Genre Stone Soup Anthology

Exploring the World through a Tapestry of Elementals

Featuring Morgana McCabe Allan, Kerry E.B. Black, Avery D. Cabot, Jeanne Felfe, Ekta R. Garg, Tammy Lough, Daniel Mitchell, Artio Murphy, Joseph Y. Roberts, Ferrell Rosser, and Deborah S. Vlick.

These 11 authors found a way to interpret the earth elements in unique and unusual ways. Do you like Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mythology, or Magical Realism—you got it! Or maybe you prefer Fairy Tale/Fantasy—yep, in there. A little Slipstream or Grit Lit more your speed—in there, too! There’s even some Contemporary Fiction and Middle-grade to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The inside is just as yummy as the cover.

Available at your favorite online retailer. Or jump directly to Amazon.

anthology-10-coverWriting Sense-Ably is Saturday Writer’s 2016 Anthology–A collection of stories, poems, and essays (including seven of mine) that focus on the theme of the five senses, and then some. The 76 stories cover just about every genre you can imagine and all are winning entries in Saturday Writers monthly contests.

It is currently available in paperback, with the Kindle version coming soon. You can order it from Amazon (click the book cover), or if you’d like an autographed copy, directly from me (click the Buy Now button.)

My 2016 winning short stories are shown below:

You Can Have Him – 1st place

The Silent Lie – 2nd place

The Lumber Baron’s Wife – 2nd place

The Room – 2nd place

Twisted Betrayal – 3rd place

The Pie Rack’s Secret – 3rd place

The Zoo – 3rd place

Autographed copies are $15 (plus tax) including shipping. Click the button below. In the notes on Paypal, be sure and let me know who you would like signed to.
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