Jeanne’s Street Team

Welcome to the official Jeanne Felfe Street Team!

What is a Street Team you might ask? It basically means you’re an insider into the world of publishing and a very special part of my author journey. As a member of my Street Team, you’ll receive exclusive access.

***Benefits for Jeanne’s Street Team ***

  • Autographed Advanced Reader Copies for U.S. readers
  • Exclusive sneak peeks into new books
  • Access to me to ask questions about my characters or stories
  • Prizes
  • Giveaways
  • And more…

This sounds like my kind of thing. What do I have to do? Easy Peasy – in exchange for the perks, just help me by spreading the word about my books online and off, and recommend my books to others.

How do I join? Do one of the signup options below to get onto my street team list.

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That’s it! I look forward to interacting with you and sharing this amazing journey. Thank you.