Head shot

Jeanne Felfe (pronounced Gee Knee Fell Fee) grew up in hurricane country and often writes as if a storm is at her back. She started writing as a teen, but never seriously until about 2012. She would start writing with stark raving enthusiasm, and then mysteriously stop, sometimes for months or years. Deciding after 26 years that corporate life no longer suited her, she retired and asked herself, “If not now, when?” During the July 2013 Camp NaNoWriMo, the writing bug bit, and this time didn’t let go.

A Corpus Christi beach bunny—and still very much a Texan at heart—she long ago transplanted to the Midwest, where she insists on growing tropical plants to feel at home. She hauls them into the house for the winter, making the place look a bit like Jumanji. Although she now calls St. Charles, Missouri home, she’s lived across Texas, Chicago, and Florissant, Missouri.

She’s going for a record for the longest engagement—she’s been perpetually engaged to her sweetie since 2008, with no plans to tie that knot. Together, they are rabid Game of Thrones fans.

More comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, Jeanne’s still very much the tom-boy; growing up with three brothers can do that to you.

She writes character-driven stories from the heart, often defying genre-classification, and finds inspiration in songs and everyday life.

When not writing she hangs out with two fur babies who believe they are tiny humans. She gives back to the writing community by serving on the board of Saturday Writers, a 100+ member writers’ guild in her local area.

She likes to say, “If you ever meet someone named Felfe, we ARE related.”

If you’d like to follow her author journey, click here to sign up: https://sendfox.com/jeannefelfe


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