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A sailing trip in Australia leads a lost man to a new love…

Sometimes life drops your anchor … Sometimes it unfurls your sails. Tom’s life is stable, predictable …set forever … Until it isn’t.

Bridge to Us is a touching story that reminds us even the darkest moments of grief and heartbreak can be transformed through the redemptive power of love.

Pat Wahler, Author of the award-winning I Am Mrs. Jesse James

Not your usual romance…

Jeanne likes to write about women (and men as in Love at Sea), love, and second chances. Regular, ordinary people seeking extraordinary love. You won’t find her heroines wearing Prada or living in New York. Nope! Jeans and running shoes, even if they don’t run. Small towns, often coastal. Real heroines and heroes battered by life, picking themselves up, and starting all over. Again.

Bridge to Us

The first novel in Jeanne’s Love Lost & Found series, Bridge to Us is a journey into the heart and soul of loss, forgiveness, redemption, and second chances. It asks and answers the question, “Can one pursue their life’s passion and still have love?”