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Heaven and Hell

Let's discuss

Most religions have a belief structure surrounding the afterlife. Raised Southern Baptist, my early beliefs of Heaven and Hell, were about where the good and bad people respectively, go after death. When I became an adult and ventured out into the world, I discovered that although the concepts of Heaven and Hell were common, the how of entry varied—in other words, what it took to get into one or the other. I began to explore beyond religious constructs and found I had questions. Lot of questions. A big one was, if the how of entry could be different, then perhaps the whole concept itself could also be called into question. Thus began even more examination, a journey I expect to continue on my entire life.

What if Heaven and Hell are really about this life, while still living, and not some place in the sky (Heaven) or in fire under the ground (Hell)? I’m sure you’ve all known someone whose life is a living hell… perhaps it’s you? And we all know someone who seems to have been triply blessed regardless of religious affiliation.

What if when we die, we all become beings of Light, given an opportunity to review our lives and learn from what we did right and what we could have done better? That there is no punishment, only love?

I’ve learned that many people share my consideration, even some who are deeply religious. I would like to open a dialogue on these “what ifs?” but please do a deeper dive and not just a knee-jerk reaction based on what you believe. All opinions are welcome, but if you’ve come here to argue that your way is the only way, you’re in the wrong place.


  1. Joy Hack says:

    There are so many different opinions of what heaven and hell are whose to know what is the real answer.
    Each religion has its own interpretation of what is and where is heaven and hell. I have no idea who really has the answer. Do you?

    1. Jeanne Felfe says:

      I definitely don’t have the answer. I am a searcher on this planet. Right now, I’m enjoying a bit of earthly heaven sitting on my day on a gorgeous day surrounded by plants and flowers.

  2. Vickie Watts says:

    I believe in a literal Heaven and hell. The way to get to Heaven is believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I also believe that hell was not created for us but for Satan and the fallen angels. But God is just and will allow us to go to hell if that is our choice.

    1. Jeanne Felfe says:

      Hi Vickie. I appreciate your insight.

  3. Shanna Johnson says:

    I really like those thoughts. Lately I have been really trying to open my mind more to stuff in the religion/afterlife areas and everytime I try my mind gets all jumbled haha.

    The way you worded it with it being about THIS life is something I have never thought about before and it honestly kinda clicked in my mind of making more sense.

    I truly feel the best way to learn is through love rather than punishment. It’s by learning what we can improve on, helping and teaching others, and growing more and more daily.

    1. Jeanne Felfe says:

      So many of the world’s problems could be solved by love. And empathy.

  4. barbarakay1 says:

    Shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. I agree. After all, Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is amidst you.”

  5. Cindy Kindall says:

    I really thought my hell last night was drinking all the laxatives in order to have a colonoscopy and a throat scan today.
    But with my iron disappearing out of my body all of us needed to know where and how

    They found polips and biopsyed them so it’s a waiting game again.

    And in the mean time more units of iron going in along with a CT scan of my stomach with contrast and without

    So Hell is all around us

    1. Jeanne Felfe says:

      Oh wow…definitely sounds like a Hell on earth. I’ve had two colonoscopies and the cleanse is brutal. Good luck with your test. I hope all is well and it’s a simple thing to resolve.

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